The NYAA is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit youth sports organization serving the Northwestern Lehigh School District area, providing educational athletic opportunities that range from recreational to competitive for pre-school through high school aged boy
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*Dates subject to change.*
Spring Sports
Youth Baseball/TBall January 15 - February 28
Legion Baseball February 15 - April 31
Lacrosse December 15 - January 15
Soccer January 15 - February 15
Softball January 15 - February 15
Volleyball January 15 - March 1
Fall Sports
Baseball May 1 - July 1
Cheerleading (Football) May 1 - June 30
Football April 14 - May 15
Soccer May 1 - June 15
Softball May 1 - June 28 (extended to July 15)
Volleyball May 1 - August 15
Field Hockey May 1 - June 30
Winter Sports
Basketball October 1 - October 31
Volleyball October 1 - November 15
*Dates subject to change.*

Registration Process
New Registrants: You will be required to complete a one-time setup process that creates a new user account and tracks your family and sports information. This new registration process will use your email address as your new username. The information DID NOT come over from the old system.

Please DO NOT set up more than one account. If you need to change to your email address please do so in your account profile when you login in.

If you need assistance with registration or want to report a problem with the registration process, please email   and an NYAA representative will contact you.