The NYAA is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit youth sports organization serving the Northwestern Lehigh School District area, providing educational athletic opportunities that range from recreational to competitive for pre-school through high school aged boy
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Lacrosse Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

Program: Lacrosse
Season: 2014
Policy: Parent/Coaching

Conduct with Coaches
As your child becomes involved in the programs of the NYAA, they will experience some of the most rewarding moments of their lives. It is important to understand that there also may be times when things do not go the way you or your child wishes. At these times, discussion with the coach is encouraged.

The following is a list of guidelines to follow when a parent has a concern to address with the coach.

  1. Always communicate with your son and/or daughter first and maybe they can clarify your concern.
  2. If not, contact the coach via email or via telephone number provided at the beginning of the season to set up an appointment to meet. 
    Before or after practices and contests is NOT the appropriate time to address a concern unless you and the coach have scheduled an appointment to meet during these aforementioned times. 
    Emotions are at the highest level during these times and an objective conversation is very difficult to accomplish. 
  3. If you are still not satisfied with the parent/coach meeting, please contact the Director to schedule a meeting that will include the parent, coach, and director. At least one Executive Board member may also be asked to attend this meeting.
    a.    The Director and Executive Board will not address any concerns until the concern is first brought to the coach's attention by the parent(s).
    *Questions and/or concerns regarding coaching strategies should not be a topic of discussion. Coaches are responsible for these decisions and will continue to do what is best for the team as a whole, as long as they comply with the NYAA By-laws. The NYAA Bylaws are available to view here.

Appropriate concerns to discuss with coaches:

  1. Treatment of your child.
  2. Improving your child's athletic performance.

Other things, such as those listed below, must be left to the discretion of the coach. 
Issues NOT appropriate to discuss with coaches:

  1. Team Strategy.
  2. Other athletes.

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